Cabinet decides to purchase two trains

Kathmandu, March 21 – The Council of Ministers on March 18 took various 21 decisions ranging from train purchase to national park management.The meeting decided to buy two diesel-electric multiple unit trains for over Rs 846 million through Indian government company, Konkan Railway Corporation Limited.
Tax will be waived on the purchase which will be led by the Department of Railways of Nepal. An agreement in principle was also struck on formulating the bill related to the use, management and regulation of water resources, said Minister for Communications and Information Technology Gokul Prasad Baskota.
Likewise, the meeting endorsed the proposal to submit the bill formed to amend the evidence act, 2031 to the Federal Parliament and temporary quotas for various 19 non-gazetted posts in the projects under the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock Development.
Other policies and directives endorsed by the meeting include the national security police, 2075, health insurance regulation, 2075, medical legal service operation directive, 2075, journalist fund establishment and operation directive, 2075, industrial entrepreneurship regulation,2075, loan protection (first amendment) regulation, 2075, Federation of Nepali Journalists (fourth amendment) bill, 2073, Shivapuri Nagarjun national park regulation, 2075, industrial gram declaration and operation procedure, 2075 and disaster reduction and management regulation, 2075.


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