India hands over Jayanagar-Kurta cross-border railway to Nepal

(Kathmandu) The 35-kilometre Jayanagar-Kurta cross-border narrow gauge railway has been upgraded to a broad gauge with the economic assistance of the Indian government.
With the completion of the construction, the Indian government has also handed over the broad gauge to the Nepal government.
At a function organized in the capital today, the Indian Ambassador to Nepal Vinay Mohan Kwatra handed over documents related to the ownership of the railway to Nepal’s Minister for Physical Infrastructure and Transport, Renu Kumari Yadav.
From today onward, ownership of the railway has been transferred to the Nepal Railway Company Limited. The railway which was constructed at the cost of Rs 8.77 billion under the economic assistance of the Indian government is a part of the 68.72-km Jayanagar-Bijalpura-Bardibas railway.
It is anticipated that the operation of the railway would enhance Nepal-India trade and commerce and further improve people-to-people relations and communications.


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