बुधबार, माघ ५ २०७८ | Wed, January 19, 2022
नेपालको समय: ०३:२८ | UK Time: 21:43

Stay in my life, do not fade away


By Sujata Karki Thakuri
२०७५ कार्तिक १७ गते १६:४४

Sujata Karki Thakuri

Conversations so deep
Feelings so strong

Expel all the lonely words
You are afraid to say

Close your eyes
Embrace your feelings

Let it flow, let it drift
Do not cling to it, you will find relief


Chasing you has become my passion
Caring you is my obligation

Stay in my life, do not fade away
And I promise to be with you in every possible way.


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