मंगलबार, फागुन १८ २०७७ | Tue, March 02, 2021
नेपालको समय: २०:२५ | UK Time: 14:40

Agitating Dr KC brought to Kathmandu

२०७५ साउन ३ गते १९:१९

Kathmandu, July 19 – Dr Govinda KC, who had been staging a hunger strike in Karnali Institute of Medical Sciences in Jumla, has been brought to Kathmandu.
He was airlifted to Kathmandu at 6:45 pm. After landing at Tudikhel, Dr KC has been sent to TU Teaching Hospital by an ambulance and kept at ENT ward.
As the security force tried to bring KC from Jumla, it ensued a clash leaving a security person seriously injured and some others with injuries.


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