Rape cases rising in Kathmandu

Kathmandu, April 3 – Police report has revealed that the incidents of rape were increasing every year in Kathmandu.

Metropolitan Police Range informed at a programme that till end of March of ongoing fiscal year, it recorded 89 incidents of rape. According to the Range, there were 112 such incidents in the last fiscal year, while 99 in 2072/073, and 92 in 2071/072 BS.

Deputy Superintendent of Police, Mohan Thapa, said the crimes against women and girls were rising sharply. In rape case, even the police persons were not serious enough on investigating the rape incidents.

The police argued that some reasons behind the increase of sexual assault were misuse of internet and social networking sites, unemployment, yearning for luxurious life, weak implementation of law and deviation from culture.

In addition to this, the drug abuse was also in rise in Kathmandu.

Range Chief Senior Superintendent of Police, Bishworaj Pokhrel, said the police would take initiative to reduce the rape incidents by formulating an action plan ensuring the participation of people. “Only the efforts from police persons were not enough, so the cooperation from general public was imperative,” he underscored.

According to him, a campaign against this could be launched in each village and school.

Meanwhile, the Range is to build an emergency plan for the study and investigation on the rape.


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