PM Oli urges EU to correct its report


Kathmandu, March 25 – Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli has urged the European Union (EU) to correct its report on election observation, which he said, was made demeaning the spirit, norms and provisions of the Constitution of Nepal.

At a programme organised by National Election Observation Committee (NEOC) here today to release the Committee’s election observation report, Prime Minister Oli said that the EU has brought the report hurting the sentiments of the Constitution in the name of election observation. “I and the Nepali people have felt humiliated by the EU’s report. I humbly request the EU to correct it immediately.”

Publicizing religion in the name of observation and extracting revenge for the same in the report is not right, the Prime Minister said while urging all to not harbour any illusion over the fact that Nepal is a sovereign country working for social justice and equality.

He also praised the role played by the Election Commission at a time when the then government was not eager to hold elections.

On the occasion, Chief Election Commissioner Dr Ayodhee Prasad Yadav said that eight elections were conducted in a successful manner in 11 months period despite many problems.

NEOC President Himalaya Shumsher JB Rana expressed the view that voter education was weak and voters were lured financially during the election.

Likewise, General Secretary of Sankalpa, an NGO, Shova Basnet, said that the voting centres were not disabled, elderly-friendly and stressed the need of paying attention on it in the days ahead.

On the occasion, Prime Minister Oli released the election observation report of the NEOC covering the recent past House of Representatives and Provincial Assembly elections.


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