Nepal becomes self-dependent in egg

Kathmandu, Dec 21 – Nepal has become self-dependent on eggs after three years of announcement of the government for the same. The government had released a plan to make the country self-dependent on meat, egg and milk.

According to Nepal Egg Producers Association, there would be active participation of youths in animal husbandry sector after the announcement became successful at the joint initiative of government and private sectors.

Out of total production of eggs in proportion to the population of the country last year, each person got 33 eggs annually. Nepal become self-dependent on eggs after the egg production has now increased by around 46 per cent.
A data shows that the production of eggs of duck and hen has increased continuously for the past three years.
A total of 13.4 million eggs of duck was produced in 2070/71 BS, 13.5 million eggs in 2071/72 BS and 13.9 million in 2072/73 BS.

Similarly, 859 million eggs of hen was produced in 2070/71 BS, 865 million in 2071/72 BS and 1.29 billion in 2072/73 BS, said Chairperson of the Association, Shivaram KC.
A total of 1.30 billion eggs of duck and hen are now produced in the country annually which was 900 million three years ago.


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