NC unveils five-year development plan

Kathmandu, Dec 1 (RSS): The Nepali Congress (NC) has sketched a five-year roadmap for developing the country socially and economically.
NC’s plan was made public at a news conference at NC’s party central office in Sanepa on Friday. The roadmap is based on a free and liberal market economy policy, said the NC’s economic prosperity and development coordination subcommittee coordinator Binod Chaudhary.
The NC has that plans to increase economic growth by double digit, attract domestic and foreign investments, implement the concept of a special economic zone, and encourage investors to establish industries, he said.
Likewise, NC will announce backward provinces as special economic zone, amend laws so as to create environment to attract foreign investors, accelerate the construction of fast railway tracks, conserve heritages, introduce a planned urbanization policy, and operate national pride projects within next five years.
The roadmap also prioritises reforms in education, health, transportation and industries.
Speaking at the conference, NC publicity committee coordinator Bal Krishna Khand claimed that the NC would stand first in the parliamentary and provincial elections.


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