बुधबार, माघ ७ २०७७ | Wed, January 20, 2021
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Boarders will open soon?

Dr. Badri K.C.
२०७७ जेठ १० गते २३:५६

Everyone has the same question and no one knows. We look with hope and some countries are cautiously opening their borders:

1. Czechs have already been allowed to travel to other Schengen countries.

2. Finland opens its borders with its neighbors from may 14, but for now it is also from the Schengen zone.

3. The Baltic countries-Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia — from may 15 open only “their” borders, inside the Baltic States.

4. Germany is ready to accept all EU tourists from June 15.

5. Austria is worried about Alpine tourism and is thinking of opening the borders to the safe Czech Republic, Germany and Hungary, and from June 15 — to the rest of the Schengen countries.

6. Spain already accepts Europeans, but with a mandatory 14-day quarantine. This procedure will continue until at least may 24.

7. Greece has one of the lowest incidence rates in Europe. Now the country is discussing the possibility of tourism with the safest countries-Germany, Austria, Cyprus and Israel. The borders may open by July 1. However, only healthy people will be allowed in — you will need to show a certificate with a negative test for coronavirus.

8. Georgia is waiting for foreign tourists from July 1 and even without a certificate.

So these are the examples that many countries are gradually opening the boarder with certain health protocol for foreign tourists.

In this context, we cordially request GoN to open boarder for it’s own citizen, Migrant workers, pregnant woman, woman with children, people having health problem other than COVID, strained tourist and many others.

Foreign Employment and Welfare of NRNs department of NRNA had submitted the safe and controlled repatriation plan to GoN a long ago. We are ready to help GoN to follow the health protocol.

Dr. Badri K.C.
Vice President
Non Resident Nepali Association

Head Foreign Employment and Welfare of NRNs


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