Govt. calls Biplav-led party for talks

Government spokesperson Gokul Banskota

Kathmandu, March 21 – The government has called the Netra Bikram Chand-led Communist Party of Nepal (CPN) for talks. While making public the latest decisions of the Cabinet here today, government spokesperson Gokul Banskota said that the government was ready for talks to end violence in the country.

He argued that the arms and weapons were not a solution, adding that the land of Lord Buddha needs peace and prosperity, not arms and war. He said no Nepali wants to see a repeat of war and violence.

Responding to a query regarding National Security Policy-2075 BS, the Minister for Communication and Information Technology said that the issues of national need, strengthening nationality of the country were incorporated in the policy. He expressed the belief that there would be active participation of all sides to make Visit Nepal 2020 a grand success as well as to achieve government’s goals.

Minister Banskota said that the government has not received any formal information relating to the formation of a new Gurkha Battalion by British government. Similarly, he shared that the details about a letter sent by the Secretary of State of the USA addressing the Prime Minister of Nepal are yet to be known.


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