Departure of emerging youth leader Adhikari


Kathmandu, Feb 27 – The sudden death of emerging youth leader in Nepali politics and Minister for Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation, Rabindra Adhikari, has spread a shock wave across the country today.
Popular leader of the Communist Party of Nepal, Adhikari, was appointed the Minister on 16 March 2018 after being elected as people’s representatives from constituency -2 of Kaski for the federal parliament.
Leader Adhikari, with keen interest in political activities since young age, earned repute, working in various capacities from school to college and party organization. He involved in All Nepal National Free Student Union (ANNFSU) organization since school life, joined Red Cross and clubs, management of free coaching to students in college. He was equally involved in library management, sanitation, sports and cultural programmes, thereby creating political awareness. Honesty, diligence, studiousness and discipline were his essential characteristics during his life.
Born to mother Laxmi and father Indra Prasad Adhikari as the first son at Jamunabot of then Bharatpokhari VDC in Kaski district on 4 May 1969, leader Adhikari had his primary education from a local Brahma Jyoti Primary School and the secondary level from Shanti Udaya Secondary School from the same district.
He opted for forestry education after the school and joined Prithvi Narayan Campus, Pokhara, in 1985. Active in politics since school, he became chairman of ANNFSU in the Campus in 1986, and was elevated to ANNFSU Kaski district Chairman a year later.
Adhikari gradually stepped up the political ladder being Chairman of Free Student Union of TU Central Department of Management, Kirtipur in Kathmandu. He continued showing excellence in his works.
The vibrant leader became central chairman of ANNFSU in 1999. With his masters in management from the TU, he penned books as ‘Constituent Assembly, Democracy and State Restructuring’ and ‘Road to Prosperity’. He even had authored various research articles and political documents.
The popular leader also was a guest lecturer for various campuses.
Moreover, he performed well in the Asian Students’ Organization, World Democratic Youth Associations and others. He took part in various international conferences too.
Adhikari, who advanced the cause of student movements, democracy, academic independence during the Panchayat era and during the people’s movement in1989, had spent altogether six months in retention and behind the jail for six months on separate times.
The youth leader had obtained the membership of the party in 1988 and was associated with the party’s Red Guard Organization. Elected in the Area Party Committee of his party in 1983, he rose to become Pokhara Town Committee member in 1989 and 1990. Thereafter he was active in the party’s district committee.
He was elected District Secretary of then CPN-UML in 2003 and 2006 and elected as the central committee member through the ninth general convention held in 2014.
Elected as the constituent assembly member from Kaski constituency no 3 under the First-Past-the-Post system in the Constituent Assembly elections in 2008 and 2013 consecutively, Adhikari was in the Public Account Committee and various Sub-Committees and had waged a crusade against the anomalies prevailing in the hydropower, government corporations, banks, industry, Army, Machine Readable Passport among other sectors.
The influential youth leader had formed a National Welfare Protection Committee and Youths Pressure Committee and continuously played the role of a watch dog during the constituent assembly.
Furthermore, he led the Sub-Committees relating to the security and international borders alongside the formation of the constituent assembly.
While he was in the Parliamentary Development Committee, he had left no stone unturned to lead the national pride projects and other developments works to success.
He had also actively and consciously played a crucial role in burnishing the image of Nepal during his foreign visits.


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