PM employment programme announced, allowance if not jobs

Kathmandu, Feb 13 – The government has launched the Prime Minister Employment Programme in a bid to end the unemployment facing the country. The unemployment would be ended by creating new jobs within the country with the joint cooperation of government, private and cooperative sectors in coordination among federal, provincial and local levels.
The programme is brought in line with the constitutional guarantee that Article 33 has provided Nepalis the right to employment. It is also as per the Employment Rights Act 2075.
The programme has aimed at discouraging Nepalis’ compulsion to leave the country for employment in coming five years and to contribute to national prosperity. The unemployed youths would be provided minimum 100 days employment in a year. Similarly, subsistence allowance of the fifty percent of unemployment allowance would be provided to family having no jobs to any member.
Inaugurating the programme, Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli said the government was moving ahead with clear policy and vision. “We want to change Nepal’s identity. Nepal is not poor, but a prosperous country; not a least developed but a developed country,” he underscored adding that life insurance, social security allowance and agriculture modernization programmes were launched to ensure prosperity in Nepal.
As he argued the government with people’s mandate will smoothly run for five years. Country is now making headway to good governance, prosperity and development, he said, adding, “The first year of the government formation is taken as a base year. Making of laws and structures is ensured this year. Every day, this government with two-thirds majority is carrying out a new work. There won’t be any delay for country’s development.”
From coming Falgun 1, the country will mark this day as the ’employment day’, he said, making it clear that Nepal solves its problems on its own.
He announced, “Nepal loves sovereignty and independence much – not in words but in deed. Being an independent state, Nepal puts forth its views on international affairs.”
Moreover, the PM assured that no Nepali would die of hunger, nor of cold.
Also the Chairman of the ruling Nepal Communist Party, he warned anyone not to create problem in the party. He also made aware that efforts were on to strain Nepal’s relations with others. Nepal has worked in a transparent manner in international forum and regional relations. There is no doubt.
“Nepal does not use any card against any neighbour and friends,” he said, stressing that Nepal had no enemy but all friends, as Nepal believes in world peace.
Every problem here is solved through dialogue, according to him.
Foreign interference in internal affairs is unwarranted. “Nepal abides by UN Charter and panchasheel.”
On the occasion, Minister for Labour, Employment and Social Security, Gokarna Bista, said the employment programme is for those who are unable to get minimum wage for livelihood. “It is not that every unemployed will be given allowance,” he made it clear.
Finance Minister Dr Yuvraj Khatiwada said the effort to materialize citizen’s fundamental rights to employment is successful.
Chief Minister of Province 3, Dormani Poudel, hoped the programme would contribute to the making society equitable and prosperous through socialism. He argued that it would instill energy on the youth.
He made commitment that the province government would make this programme successful.
Kathmandu Metropolitan City Mayor Bidya Sundar Shakya also committed to implementing the programme successfuly.


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