Beppu, Dec 25

With the purpose of showcasing the rich culture and tradition of Nepal, Nepali Week 2018 has been organized at Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University, Beppu, Japan. With approximately 60 Nepalese students, the Nepalese community at Ritsumeikan APU had prepared a series of events along with the participation of students from different countries.

The week-long event commenced from December 17, 2018, with a Parade dance that included a set of traditional Nepali dances and was scheduled to be followed up by a series of events such as a conference where ideas were presented by a senior student, a friendly cricket tournament, Tihar night and grand show. The week-long celebration of Nepalese culture and tradition ends with a drama performance on December 21, 2018.

The theme for the grand show of Nepali Week 2018 had been set as “Kumari”, with a vision to share the unique Nepalese tradition of worshipping a living goddess.

The week has witnessed active participation by students from various countries such as Mongolia, Italy, Indonesia, Japan to name a few. With students from over 80 countries studying at APU, the organization of multicultural week is a great opportunity for the students to introduce their culture and appreciate others’ culture at the same time.

The Nepali Week this year is being organized under the leadership of Manish Rupakheti, a third-year fellow student at APU along with Rojina Dhungana, a second-year student, as the sub-leader. The entire event is being supported financially by companies like Alfa Beta Institute Pvt. Ltd., Purunima Indian Restaurant, Kyodai Remittance, and Chihara Corporation. Other supporting partners include Raunak Bastola, Oishi Yoshikiyo, Lions Club of Nepal Japan Friendship, Star Group Japan, Path Finder Cycling Nepal, Tri Media Pvt. Ltd. and Direct Way Exporters. The media partners supporting the event are Pipalbot,, and Sajha Post Japan. Not only to showcase the prosperous culture and tradition of Nepal, but Nepali Week also strives to bring together the Nepalese students in a form of a miniature Nepalese society.

The Nepali week was organized with the intention to celebrate the uniqueness of Nepalese culture and traditions and was successful in making Nepalese students, as well as the international students, appreciate the rich culture.


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