Ghyangphedi mini truck accident: 20 dead identified

one injured man is being treated. Picture-RSS

Nuwakot, Dec 15 – The identities of all those killed in a mini truck accident at Ghyangphedi of Dupcheshwar rural municipality-1 on Friday evening have been ascertained.
Others 15 injured in the accident are being treated in Kathmandu. Among the killed, 18 died on the spot, one on the way to a hospital and one amidst the treatment, District Police Office’s Deputy Superintendent of Police, Bhimlal Bhattarai said.
The dead are Wibhimaya Tamang, 27; Sita Tamang, 14; Sunashree Tamang, 36; Shukaram Tamang, 24; Sonam Lama, 39; Tokale Tamang, 55; Mangale Tamang, 22; Aaita Tamang, 44; Selbon Tamang, 40; Khamsung Tamang, 60; Riwal Tamang, 32; Bhim Bahadur Tamang, 20; Mingmar Tamang, 43; Chhowang, 37; Laxman Tamang, 34; Bir Bahadur Tamang, 46; Krishna Tamang ,20; Min Bahadur Tamang, 50; Sune Lama,45; of Ghyangphedi Sisipu and Ritesh Pandit, 25, of Shikharbensi, the District Police Office, Nuwakot said.
The mini truck (Ba 3 Kha 3913) en route to Sisipu of Ghyangphedi from Simtang of Dupcheshwor rural municipality-6 fell some 500 meters down the road and plunged into the Tadi river.
The injured are Chhiring Tamang, 22; Laxman Tamang, 34; Ram Bahadur Tamang, 40; Ramu Tamang, 17; Sahila Tamang, 26; Shirmendo Tamang, 23; Sabitri Tamang; Yarimendo Tamang; Muijeet Tamang, 38; Bir Bahadur Tamang, 49; Laxman Tamang, 38; Chandra Bahadur Tamang, 33; Shukaram Tamang, 26; Ram Bhakta Thapa, Man Bahadur Tamang and a nine-month-old baby girl. The mini truck was carrying people returning home after attending the death rituals of their relative at Simtang of Shikharbensi.
According to Dupcheshwar rural municipality chair Yobindra Singh Tamang, the injured were sent to the capital after five hours of the accident.


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