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You would not have sat for hunger strike, PM tells Dr Govinda KC

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Kathmandu, Aug. 11 – Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli has proposed Prof Dr Govinda KC of Tribhuvan University Teaching Hospital (TUTH) to lead a mechanism to be formed for health education monitoring meant for troubleshooting the ill-practices in the overall health sector.

The PM asked Dr KC to take leadership to perform saying that he was not in favour of getting lost within the boundary of a list of demand charter to ensure reforms in the health sector.

A team of Dr KC visited the PM this afternoon at the latter’s official residence in Balawatar to thank the PM for taking initiatives to meet KC’s demands. During the event, the PM said, “You would not have sat for hunger agitation during my premiership. There were and are many other options to meet your demands.”

“We had no misunderstanding with you regarding the issues linked to the people’s health services. Let’s form a strong mechanism to bring about reforms in health education and end the ill-practices,” the PM said adding, “You lead its command. You take leadership of the mechanism to take action against those obstructing the supply of health care services to the people in remote areas. The government will back you.”

In response, Dr KC said that he would not take charge of such administrative responsibility though PM’s proposal was positive but there were so many other qualified doctors and administrators fit for the job. “I will not remain in the mechanism rather I will work from outside,” Dr KC stated.

During the meeting, the PM said that his determination and commitment to people’s health and education was not compromising adding that his promise was to make the nation.

According to the PM, the government wants to move ahead in a broader manner to ensure accessible health services to the people and increase people’s access to it.

Furthermore, PM Oli asked KC not to associate him with any other medical college adding that he has nothing to do with providing (or not) affiliation to a certain medical college. “I am committed to bringing reforms in the sector of medical education,” the PM said.


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