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American ambassador Teplitz’s farewell meeting with Minister Thapa

२०७५ साउन ९ गते १७:५९

Kathmandu, July 25 – American Ambassador to Nepal, Alaina B Teplitz, has stated that the American government would like to extend its support related to the immigration security of Nepal.

During her farewell call on Minister of Home Minister Ram Bahadur Thapa at latter’s office in Singha Durbar today, American envoy Teplitz asked if Nepal government would revise the visa charge for the Americans visiting Nepal.

In response, Minister Thapa said that his Ministry was studying about the issue in that sector and would take decisions towards this end in future.

The talks between the two was focused on the matters related to the bilateral relations between the two countries, mutual cooperation as well as combating human trafficking and management of Bhutanese and Tibetan refugees.

Minister Thapa thanked the American envoy, who is leaving Nepal as her tenure is coming to an end, for her role in further consolidating the Nepal-US ties during her time.

Minister Thapa also thanked the American government for its support in the sector of disaster management, training of the security forces and construction of physical infrastructures among others and expressed his confidence for receiving further support from the American government.

On a different note, Thapa also welcomed the talks between the USA and North Korea and argued that such a development would contribute towards peace-building in the world.

American Ambassador Teplitz is returning her home completing her tenure in Nepal in 13 days. She termed her tenure in Nepal to be the happy one.

She expressed her gratitude to Minister Thapa for the positive support and cooperation from the government of Nepal and the Ministry of Home Affairs.


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