Lawmakers draw govt’s attention to difficulties to attract 2000,000 tourists in next two years

Kathmandu, June 14 – Lawmakers at the meeting of the House of Representatives today have drawn the attention of the government to difficulties in realizing its goal to attract 2000,000 tourists in next two years due to failure to conserve lakes.
Speaking at a discussion on various subjects under meeting, lawmaker Khagraj Adhikari complained that the budget fails to focus on the conservation and protection of lakes and infrastructure management necessary for attracting tourists despite tourism being main basis for economic prosperity.
Taking part in the discussion under different subjects under the Ministries of Finance, Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation and Youth and Sports under the Appropriation Bill, 2075 BS, he suggested developing physical infrastructures for increasing influx of tourists.
Sanjaya Gautam complained that the budget fails to concentrate on physical infrastructure development of Bardiya National Park.
Laxman Lal Karna urged promotion of religious tourism and plans to be in place for Nepali citizens to take a tour of the country themselves.
He also stressed the need for developing stadium in various places of the country for the development of sports.
Chhakka Bahadur Lama said that the government was not serious in reforming the Simikot Airport. Lawmaker Kamala Roka stressed on developing the infrastructures for tourism development and invite foreign tourists in the country.
She also opined for developing the ‘war tourism’ after constructing infrastructures for the same.
Similarly, Dila Sangraula focused on promoting cultural and religious tourism in the Province-1.
Yashoda Subedi said that new destinations for tourism should be developed in the country. Lawmaker Meen Bahadur BK said that the budget allocation under the influence of powerful leaders was wrong.


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