Joshi becomes first Nepali to serve as university dean in US

Kathmandu, May 23- Dr Jeet Joshi who was born in Tanahu, a district in province 4 had reached the United States of America some three decades ago in course of his study has become the first Nepali to serve as a dean of a university there.

He, currently residing in Los Angles of California, is the dean of California State University. He also serves as the vice president of International Education Department in the same university.

Dr Joshi, who was in Nepal recently, insists on the need of vocational education to transform the Nepal’s education system to a job-oriented one. According to his personal views and experiences, Nepal’s education system is based on what he called ‘parroting culture’ and it needs to be changed significantly.

As he said, graduates of the US-based universities are always fit for job markets due to the education system there. Universities there provide education as per the demand of time.

According to him, culture of compulsory vocational education system after plus two is increasing in the US which helps students to be familiarized with practical knowledge on the respective subjects and fit them in the current job markets.

He advised Nepali human recourse wishing to purse higher education in the US to acquire applied knowledge, following the secondary school education for their conveniences.


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