Historical announcement of CPN

Kathmandu, May 17 – With the unification of CPN (UML) and CPN (Maoist Centre), historical announcement of Nepal Communist Party was made this evening amidst a programme in the capital city.

At a special news conference, Chairmen duo KP Sharma Oli and Pushpa Kamal Dahal ‘Prachanda’ announced the formation of the new political party.

A total of 441 central committee members are named in the CPN.

Former Prime Minister Madhav Kumar Nepal and leader of the party recited the party’s manifesto at the programme that was attended by a large number of party leaders and cadres.

On the occasion, leader Nepal said that the party would move ahead considering the government unveiled slogan ‘Happy Nepali, Prosperous Nepal’.

He also informed that party’s high command, standing committee and central committee were also formed.

The two parties had signed a six-point deal prior to the national elections some seven months ago, contesting the polls through the single election manifesto of the left alliance.
The newly-formed party shall follow the peaceful competition, respect human rights and rule of law, independent foreign policy, respect UN Charters and maintain harmonious relations with all countries in the world.

The party would practice ‘people’s centralism and collective leadership system’ and Marxism and Leninism would be the party’s guiding principle.

Also speaking at the programme, leader of CPN Janardan Sharma committed to fulfilling the people’s expectations by ensuring good governance after the formation of the CPN.

It’s established, communists can unite too: PM Oli

Chairman of Communist Party Nepal (CPN) and Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli has said that a history has been created on unification among communists.
Addressing the party’s declaration programme this evening, Oli said that the party unification process was finalized as per the aspirations and wants of Nepalis.
Oli termed the unification of UML and Maoist Centre historical and crucial adding that the two parties were assimilated to each other.
“No communist party had majority so far. Now, the communist party has its government and has single party majority. We have governments in six provinces. We have majority of popular votes. We have single majority in the local levels. So, we have beautiful dreams. Those dreams should be fulfilled,” Chairman Oli said.
He committed to moving ahead by making correct and effective policies. “There is no point to get excuse by pointing fingers at one another. We have become firm on building the nation through correct policies,” he added.
Chairman Oli also claimed that the CPN would obtain three-fourths majority in the upcoming elections.
Regarding the provision of two chairs in the single party, Oli added that two chairmen were required to consult and were needed to lead the gigantic party and guide prosperity and good governance ahead.
Likewise, the PM reiterated that neither he would engage in corruption nor he would spare those involved in corruption. He also made commitment to rule of law, good governance, democratic norms and values, periodic elections and independent judiciary.

Unity as per Nepali people’s aspiration-Chair Dahal

Communist Party of Nepal (CPN) Chairperson Pushpa Kamal Dahal ‘Prachanda’ has said that the integration process was a positive move to address the aspirations and needs of Nepali people.

Addressing a press conference organized to inform the public about the unity declaration, he said the unity was a cautious move for the economic development and prosperity of the country.
The promises made before the people for party unity has been materialized, he noted, adding that the future course would be to move ahead the country through economic prosperity with social justice.

Also speaking on the occasion, senior leader Madhav Kumar Nepal noted that the unity was an outcome of collaboration and struggle adding it recalled the historical evolution of both the parties.

Central office of CPN in Dhumrabarahi

The central office of the Communist Party of Nepal (CPN) would be located in Dhumrabarahi.

Central committee member of CPN Krishna Gopal Shrestha said that works of sister wings and people’s liaisons would be carried out from Paris Danda.
The then CPN (UML)’s party office was in Dhumrabarahi and Maoist Centre’s party office in Paris Danda.
The notice boards of the dissolved parties would be removed on Friday. Shrestha said that CPN was registered in the Election Commission (EC) on Thursday with the Registration No. 5666.


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