International standard to be stipulated for hotels and resorts

Kathmandu, Oct 25 (RSS)- The government is making preparation to classify the hotels, restaurants and resorts, currently in operations, by stipulating standards.

The standards set for the classification of hotels and resorts in 2014 AD would be updated and brought into effect to make it up to the international standard.

In this connection, a standard amendment sub-committee has been formed under the leadership of working committee member of Hotel Association of Nepal Praveen Bahadur Pandey to update the standards for hotels and resorts, according to Executive Director of Nepal Tourism and Hotel Management Academy Durga Dutta Dhakal.

The sub-committee is mandated a month-long period to complete the assignment and submit it to the Hotel Association of Nepal which would be later sent to the Ministry for review. The standard will come into effect following its publication in the national gazette once the cabinet endorsed the standards.


सम्बन्धित सामाग्री