Reply to Mr Dewan

Krishna Bahadur Rai

Dear Dewan,

Due to our unconditional loyalty and sacrifice to the British Crown, we have been utterly “brain washed,” to the point of no return.
We have been indoctrinated to such depth we have forgotten how to “revert” to our “clean and pure” basic culture of using “Daju/Vai” to address each other.
Please keep in mind, I do not mean to disrespect your previous Rank. This is not an off-the-cuff thought.

The Salient Point

This letter from you, addressed to The Satyagraha Technical Team, has been made public through the social media, I guess, for “transparency.”
You quite rightly pointed out your perception, vision accompanied by your frustration. Understandable.

From the day you “signed on” to be part of Satyagraha, you have been emphasizing IPC 6 and 7. Mr. Mark Lancaster’s recent announcement of the implementation of the 7th CPC, gave you a “rude jolt.” We have been stabbed in our sleep once again!
“Come on now, like me, you too understand the British very well.” To use your learned word – they are “blatant” liars. They go to the same schools to learn and hone their natural instinct.

When we came to know the 7th CPC, which was announced by the Indian Government for their retired Sainik – (wasn’t it in 2006?) – the British-Gurkhas were eagerly punching their calculators.
“Do you remember how MOD answered when we inquired regarding the implementation of the 7th CPC for the India retirees?”
They said we do not “qualify” under the 7th CPC, criteria!
Although you already know this, please allow me to insult your intelligence here… “They move the goal post whenever it suits them!”
Look at Mr. Mark Lancaster’s Technic. He went to Kathmandu and must have impressed upon the entire Ruling Party Cabinet. Invited mixed bag of “dignitaries” for Tea and voila the 7th CPC. Believe you me, you weren’t the only one who was shocked!
Where is “my” 34%? It is supposed to be 34% across the board! Had it been what you were wishing for you would “not” have generated this letter. This is the reason why Satyagraha Technical Team has been and always will campaign for “equal pension.”

Consequence cum Responsibility

I am going to move forward a tad to include a brief reply to your claim ……”MOD’s Announcement is a big loss to the Gurkhas….. The Technical Team and the Nepal Embassy are responsible for the consequences….et cetera!”

Let’s back track to the days when BGWS lost “your” case at the Human Rights Court at the Hague.
“Did we at any time asked you regarding ‘responsibility and consequences’ when BGWS lost? I raise this valid question because many British-Gurkhas contributed quite a lot of money to shore up BGWS war chest, including me.”
Just as in the past, let me be very clear one more time. Regardless who is leading, this “equal pension” battle is “ours” including you and me. We are Daju/Vai. Had BGWS won at the Hague, all of us would have won. If Satyagraha wins, we all win.
I know this simple “logic” is extremely difficult to comprehend, because our “brain has been indoctrinated” from the very day we set foot at the Training Depot. You agree the BGSI and KAIDA, didn’t help a bit upon joining our respective Regiment!


Before I conclude, am going to take the liberty to recommend something to all Daju/Vai.
Let us not bicker. Most importantly let’s not blame one another. Let’s swallow our “pride and prejudice.” Team Satyagraha has achieved a lot. They have persuaded and convinced the Nepal government we are genuine “victims.” It is a hard fight. It appears “our” government is on our side.
Let’s prepare to win, and remember MOD is not our friend. Please, please remember – “they will not hesitate to bite our ass!”

Krishna Bahadur Rai

Chief Co-ordinator

Satyagraha Technical Team

March 24, 2019


सम्बन्धित सामाग्री