Dr KC’s health becoming critical

Ilam, Jan 14 – The health condition of Dr Govinda KC, who has been staging a fast-unto-death here since January 9, is critical.
Dr KC, who was admitted to the Ilam District Hospital today morning following further deterioration of his health, has been suggested to be admitted to the Intensive Care Unit (ICU).
The senior orthopedic surgeon has been staging hunger strike for the 16th time against the anomalies and aberrations in the medical education and health sector in the country. In his 16th hunger strike, he has demanded that the National Medical Education Bill be passed as per the agreement between him and the government on April 23 last year.
The doctors involved in the regular health check-up of the senior orthopedic surgeon said that Dr KC’s health had grown weak and infection of pneumonia was diagnosed.
Organizing a press conference in Ilam today evening, Dr Bijendra Kumar Shah, who has been attending to Dr KC, said that his heartbeats were irregular and he had contracted infections in his throat and right lung.
According to him, Dr KC could not be kept in the OPD of the Hospital given his critical health condition.


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