Prachanda visiting India, China to better Nepal’s relations with neighbors


Dahal, Pic-RSS

Kathmandu, Sept. 4 – Chairman of Communist Party of Nepal (CPN) Pushpa Kamal Dahal ‘Prachanda’ is visiting neighboring countries India and China to further strengthen Nepal’s relations with the immediate neighbors for Nepal’s development and prosperity.
Talking to media persons at his residence at Khumaltar Tuesday, the former prime minister said that he is visiting the immediate neighbouring countries to create environment conducive for Nepal’s development since their supports were ‘very important’.
Chairman Prachanda is leaving here for India on 6 September.
“My visits are focused on Nepali society’s transformation through the balanced relations and supports from both the neighboring countries,” he told the journalists.
Prachanda said that the schedules for his trips to India and China were made upon invitations from both the countries in the capacity of CPN Chairman. “I will hold discussions to implement the past agreements and to extend supports to Nepal government with the neighbouring countries’ (leaders)’, Prachanda shared.
Regarding the remaining tasks of party unification, he said that homework is ongoing to complete the nitty-gritty of party unification by mid-September. As the taskforce formed to prepare the unification from the lower to upper levels have submitted their reports, the Standing Committee and secretariat meeting of the party would give final touch to the issue, he said. “Unification was not delayed due to problems in the lower committees.”
He was of the view that the minor grievances surfaced in the unification process in the lower level would be managed within this month and added that the party would get new speed after the unification up to the local levels.
Furthermore, Chairman Prachanda has said that the level of dissatisfaction among the general public regarding the government’s role should be addressed adding that “We both the Chairpersons are serious to the disappointment and dissatisfaction surfaced at people’s level”.
Serious discussion has been initiated between us over this issue and talks are underway regarding the ways to move ahead on the government’s role and structures meant for meeting public expectations.
Chairman Dahal said that serious review has been initiated over the public expectations and the conclusions received from the review would be forwarded for discussions in the party to expedite government’s effectiveness, and serious and concrete steps would be taken to that end.
Asked about the role of the central to the local governments, Prachanda shared his analysis arguing that the situation in the post political changes could not be synthesized right this moment. He, however, tried to convince the journalists that it would consume some more time for complete implementation in the context that new state mechanisms were formed in new federal setups, proportional system and inclusive state mechanisms were built.
Likewise, Chairman Prachanda expressed his reservation to the cultural, pragmatic and moral decadence in some aspects of Nepali society. Why such trends have spread in our society and why the society turned violent, he asked, urging all to rethink once.
“We could choose another if the government and leaders were (culturally) deviated. But, it would be very tough to recover if the entire society was deviated and corrupt,” the former PM shared his observation.


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