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Norvic hospital launches advanced MRI, CT Scan facilities

२०७४ पुष १३ गते १:०५

नर्भिक अन्तरराष्ट्रिय अस्पतालले अत्याधुनिक प्रविधि भएको बिरामी मैत्री ३ टेस्ला एम.आर.आई. प्रविधिसम्पन्न १२८ स्लाइस सी.टी. स्क्यान मेसिन उदघाटन गर्दै पूर्वयुवराज्ञी हिमानी राज्यलक्ष्मी शाह । तस्वीर – कल्पना पौडेल, रासस

Kathmandu, Dec 27 – Norvic International Hospital has launched one of the best equipped and state-of-the-art “3 Tesla MRI and the most advanced 128 Slice CT Scan facilities” to the existing diagnostic facilities, ushering the hospital into fully nuclear medicine centre.

The newly installed facility was inaugurated by former Crown Princess, Himani Rajya Laxmi Devi Shah amidst a function held at hospital premises Wednesday afternoon, said a press release issued Wednesday.

The 3.0T CX Ingenia MRI from Philips, The Netherland is equipped with in-bore audio/visual system, high definition imaging with unparalleled patient comfort and is the first of its kind in Nepal.

Claustrophobia is a common clinical problem for patients undergoing MRI. The bore audio/visual experience and the first of its kind in the world has been designed to mitigate this problem. It has features such as immersive visual experience so as to entertain patients and help them watch movies/video of their choice inside the MRI bore (tunnel) during the examination process.

As the system has acoustic noise reduction by nearly 80, the patient need not worry at all while undergoing the examination.


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