70 percent voter turnout- EC

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वीरगन्ज महानगरपालिकाको–१२ मुर्लीबगैचास्थित मतदान केन्द्रमा बिहिबार मतदान गर्न लाम लागेका मतदाता परिचयपत्र देखाउदै । तस्बिर – बिजय कुमार महतो, पर्सा, रासस

Kathmandu, Dec 8 (RSS): Approximately 70 percent of voter turnout was recorded in the elections to the House of Representatives and State Assemblies held Thursday, according to the Election Commission (EC).
The EC’s fresh announcement is more by three percent than the preliminary report of the EC. On Thursday, EC’s Joint Election Mobilisation Center said the 67 percent voters cast their ballots in the second phase of the elections to the House of Representatives and State Assemblies. The EC said the poll results and details of vote counting were coming in.
Ballot boxes from six districts were yet to reach their district headquarters, and the vote counting has begun in 16 other districts, the EC said.
Meanwhile, the EC thanked all civil servants and security bodies for their works to help conclude the elections.


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