Let’s support Bibeksheel Sajha. Here’s why?

People should be with most democratic, transparent, systemic and honest party which is only one Bibeksheel Sajha Party in Nepal  for the upcoming regional and central election

Most of all Nepalese want to see the new true democratic executive system of Nepal but the current local government election is pointing towards the existence of old parties even though their criminal governance is crystal clear to the people. Truth is always truth which can never extinguish. The honest and dedicated people of Nepal from its internal core towards the nationality never can tolerate the every day’s evacuation of our national fund from the double role playing leaders. This needs to be ended as soon as possible. King is totally silent doing nothing for the nation in this very difficult period of the country except warning the leaders indirectly through his very few statements however the people is praying for the king to come forward. People defeated the Sajha Party choosing the old parties in the local election who wanted to work for the nation in a system, transparently, integriously and meritoriously which sign and symptom conclude the certain majority of people of Nepal want to enjoy around the peripheries of old parties however they are looting the countries and about to hand over the country  to the neighbouring countries in an undeclared way. But this country Nepal is not only their country. This is my country, your country and country of the all good people. Therefore the above mentioned scenario is exhibiting that now never a huge revolution is going to happen again which can sweep away the whole present constitution of Nepal and present system of reign since all Nepalese are divided with each other in a lack of trustful guardianship of the nation due to the seed plantation of division of people to people by the Ex -Maoist group which is never going to end now until the country life cycle reaches in the 24 hrs pin in the clock. The only hope is with now in army organisation which runs under the chain of command. If the chief of army has good vision understanding the current position of the country immediately the army should be mobilised and coup the all corrupt leaders without any bloodshed and immediately handover the most democratic, rule of law Sajha Party ( Nation’s common organisation of all the people) which is always dedicated with the people to establish the good governance. This step will be appreciable for all the people of Nepal in present context since it is the process of time cycle of natural phenomenon. When there is the extreme evolution of demons definitely god should be enlightened to demise the all demons of the country which should be carried out by the army organisation of Nepal to save the country of Nepal for its existence which is their prime role to save the country Nepal from the foreign ill invasion. Military organisation is formed to save the nation in a last moment fighting against all the interior and exterior enemies. The international elements know very well what is going on Nepal and what the most corrupt leaders are doing in Nepal to end the life of Nepal. Therefore the army organisation should not hesitate to do military coup and hand over the country management to the most democratic organisation forming the People’s Independent Commission immediately without a single bloodshed as reasonably as possible to save Nepal at the end of its life which is the right time of its action now.

Even if the army organisation is being a spectator as the king doing now as in our nation’s terminally ill stage the army organisation will also collapse simultaneously with the neighbouring countries and its existence will end for ever and we all will be refugee in other countries due to non bearable torturing from the neighbouring countries like in Syria.

Next part will be continued in next serial.


सम्बन्धित सामाग्री